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“Mike Duseberg wows us every time!  We have clients have seen him perform 3 or 4 times now, and they still want more.  Mike is very clever, humorous and innovative, all with the utmost in professionalism as well.  You will not be disappointed!  Loads of fun… We hope to keep him on for years to come”

Trish Lazarin

National Accounts Marketing Coordinator, Kaman Industrial Technologies

“Our goal is always to provide our participants a memorable experience that they will remember for a long time. Your performances coupled with our other activities are what people remember and appreciate, and that’s why many return to experience it again. Your ability to add new material to your performances is also a huge factor, because they never know what to expect. You would be amazed how many people ask if you are going to be at an event we are having.”

Joe Daleo

Director of Events - Corporate Sales, Emerson

“I’ve had a lot of managers tell me how cool it was to have you there and how amazed they were with your magic and your message. I really appreciate the way you tied your message to what we are trying to do around improving customer service. It was certainly an added value to the meeting on top of the magic—which is always amazing!”

Mike O'Malley

Owner, Wendy's of Bowling Green

“Your personality and presentation combined with the magic, made the show a real home run. A thoroughly enjoyable experience.”

Mike Kruse

Vice President Marketing, Heidtman Steel

“Mike brings that crowd of attendees to our hospitality suite after the trade show, where he amazes them all night long.  Nobody leaves our events when Mike is performing, and our customers look forward to our events knowing Mike will be there.” 

John Kronenwetter

Vice President - Sales, SDI, Inc.

“It has been 9 months since Mike did our Christmas party and people from our office are still talking about how great of a job that Mike did. I would highly recommend him for any occasion that you want your guests to be talking about your party.”

Rick Percy

Owner, Clemens Insurance

You were the rave review of the evening!

Allison Springsteen

Executive Assistant, Lowenstein Sandler

“You were awesome! As I walked around I could hear you at different tables and everyone was definitely enjoying you. You were surrounded at the gaming table and everyone was involved in what you were doing… Thank you!

Julie Bechtel

Executive Assistant, Toll Brothers

From the start, you worked the room, building a crowd of customers and distributors near each Manufacturer booth.  Then, just as the crowd was mesmerized by your magic, you seemlessly passed them off to each other as the perfect icebreaker.  Undoubtedly, everyone left the evening feeling cheerful and with plenty of new contacts!”

Kayla Champagne

Executive Assitant, supplyFORCE

“People literally talk about this guy for months following the event and ask if he’s going to be at the next one…

I have made it abundantly clear he is coming to the next one!” 

Dale Bruner

Director of Human Resources, Bridgeman Foods / Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

We always strive to make the pre-tournament party first class, and you always deliver on your end!  Thanks for making it so easy on my end!

Your magic, comedy, and interaction with our guests make it a special evening for all invovled, and our friends always seem to have that amazed look on their faces when you leave the table.

Ray Kralis

Head Men's Golf Coach, Illinois State University

Mike Duseberg Can Only Entertain At One Event Per Day.

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